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Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius)

Dr. Jaqueline Brockert

Portland medicinal Mushrooms

Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius) By: Sean Jankowski C.Formosus or the Pacific golden chanterelle grows in the Pacific Northwest woods. Also known as Oregon's state mushroom it grows in Oregon in abundance. Habitat: Chanterelles grow in conifer and oak forests where there is plenty of moist and mossy litter growth (the ground will feel soft underfoot). They are most of the time found near wild blueberries. They like wet soil so hunting for them after a fresh rain fall in late July through October should yeild an abundance of wild chanterelles. Season: Late July through October. Characteristics: -Mature chanterelles have a funnel shape. (pick mature chanterelles) -They have a solid stem. -The ridges are visible. -They grow in groups not in clusters and they are ground mushrooms and grow near trees! (Jack-o-Lantern mushrooms are toxic and grow where there may not be trees.) -The mushroom does not bruise or change color when handled. -The color is egg yolk colored and is uniform all over the mushroom. -Always cook them before eating. -The mushroom has a pleasant almond or apricot smell to it. Spore Print: Yellow Note: Jack o Lantern Mushrooms are a toxic look a like, do not harvest any chanterelles that are a darker orange! Jacks can be identified by the appearance of false gills (gills that are forked and part of the solid cap.) Photos of Oregon's mushroom festival 2018.

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