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Meet Our Integrative Wellness Family 

Naturopathy | Primary care | Skin Care

Best acne doctor Portland


Dr. Jaqueline Brockert, ND

(971) 413-3207

Family Medicine

Holistic Family Medicine Portland

Dr. Kat Lopez Sankey, MD




Best Acupuncture clinic in Portland


Dr. Britanie Kessler, DACM LAc

Phone: (919) 306-9607

Mental Health Counselor

Best Mental Therapist in Portland

Teresa Zahariades, LCSW

(503) 860-2233


Best Chiropractor Portland_edited.jpg

Clinical Psychology

Psychotherapy, EMDR & Clinical Hypnosis Portland

Dr. Amy Ber
man, PhD, HSP

EMDR Certified Therapist

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Grief Educator

Phone: 503-482-2800

Muscle and Connective Tissue Manipulation   

Best Massage therapist in Portland

Master Aesthetician

Holistic Aesthetician Portland

Our Integrative Wellness Family.

Naturopathy/Holistic Dermatology:

  • Dr. Jaqueline Brockert,  ND

(971) 413-3207

Individual and couples Psychotherapy:

  • Teresa Zahariades, LCSW


Individual and couples Clinical Psychology:

Phone: 503-482-2800


  • Britanie Kessler, LAc

Phone: (919) 306-9607


Phone: (971) 801-8848

Rolfing Muscle and Connective Tissue Manipulation:

(206) 491-7561 

Family Medicine:

(503) 567-1314 

Licensed Master Aesthetician:

 (808) 866-6734


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