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Do You Have High-Functioning Anxiety?  But what really is High-Functioning Anxiety?

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Do You Have High-Functioning Anxiety? But what really is High-Functioning Anxiety?

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Anxiety disorder without the actual diagnosis. In other words, someone with high-functioning anxiety might experience symptoms like worrying a lot, racing thoughts, and losing sleep some of the time, but she gets through life anyway.

A person with high functioning anxiety can look calm on the surface, but underneath their thoughts are churning by persistent negative thoughts, restlessness and even physical symptoms like muscle tension.

What may help you:

• Regular exercise and daily movement. • To learn how to breathe better. • To optimizing your gut microbiome. • Lowering your sugar and processed food intake. • To evaluate your toxic exposures. • To sleep more, to sleep better. • To lower your stress • To increase nutrients and fiber into your diet.

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