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Laboratory Testing

Peach Skin N Portland Healthcare has relationships with many laboratory companies in Portland and around the country. Some of the Laboratory services we offer include:

Complete Annual Blood Analysis

Women's Annual PAP Exams

Vaginal Infection Checks

Digestive Analysis

  • SIBO Testing

  • Celiac Disease Screening

  • Stool Analysis

  • Amylase

  • Lipase 

  • etc...

Toxic Metals, and Chemical Exposures

  • Heavy Metal Testing

  • Chemical Exposures (PCB’s, Phthalates, BPA, DDT, DDE, etc.)

  • Oxidation and Glutathione levels

Neurotransmitter Urine Assessment

Adrenal and Hormone Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Genetic Testing

Circulating Tumor Cells

Please note: Clinic policy states that an appointment is required first in order to make a decision regarding which labs will be ordered.  A follow up appointment is also required to review the lab results.

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